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My Sierra Trading Post Review

Sierra Trading Post is one of the leading catalog retailers with international reputation. The company was founded in 1986 in Reno, Nevada, United States, by Keith Richardson. Sierra Trading Post features the finest outdoor gear, footwear, clothing and many other all of which are sourced from more than 1000 big name brands. They have four retail stores, nine mailed catalog titles and a great online shopping retail store launched in 1998. Their online presence has helped people around the world get unlimited access and benefit from their discounted products, providing customers with over 35-70% discount on daily basis.

How To Shop At Sierra Trading

Sierra Trading Post features extensive list of products sourced directly from the top manufactures which certifies their quality and also helps to reduce their cost. On their home page, I couldn’t take my eyes off their enormous discounts and saving offers; ranging from 20 to 70% off the retail price.

Despite their huge catalog of products, they are properly arranged in several departments like the Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Outdoor Gear, Sporting Goods, etc, and the Top selling brands section with a huge list of other cool items. Bringing my mouse on the categories displayed on the top navigation bar, like the clothing section, shoes section, sports etc a drop down menu allowed me unlimited access to a wide range of product collection. For instance, from the clothing section, I found jackets, pants, sweaters, and many others further arranged in different columns for men, women and kids. Hence if you are like me, who likes to enter a shop, get what I want and get out, this product arrangement will facilitate your shopping experience.

If you prefer a particular brand when it comes to outdoor gear and clothing, Sierra Trading Post provides users access to products from the top brands, like Marmot, Asolo, Salomon, SmartWool, Teva and many others.

If you just want to scan through the new arrivals, a link at the top navigation bar provides you access to all the new products. On the other hand, if you know exactly what you are looking for, the search box by the top right of the page will get you there within seconds.

my review on sierra trading post

Key Features and Benefits of Sierra Trading Post

Sierra Trading Post doesn’t stuff their site up with as many products as it can contain. It is more like a well structured retail store with dedication to providing customers the best. Here are some of its features and benefits

Discounts: From the 35-70% discount label on the top of their website to the individual savings offered per product, Sierra Trading Post seems to be the one of the cheapest retail store I have come across. And I have reviewed several similar stores. While this may have led to some inquiry on the quality of their products, I think that the fact that they source them directly from manufacturers contributed to the low price maintained.

Unequal Return Policy: I had to read the statement twice in order to believe that products can be returned even after six months of delivery! This refund takes different shapes. For products returned within the six months of delivery, customers are refunded through their payment method. For products returned after six months of delivery, customers are given an equivalent gift card.

Customer-focused Business Practice: I nearly thought that I saw a double cart at the top right of the page, but it is actually a $10 gift to customers who invite friends along. Sierra Trading Post is not only committed to the provision of the finest products at affordable prices, they also provide various value-added programs through which they give back to the customers and the community. They consistently partner with other organizations that share the same value in giving their best to the community. Watch the video below to learn more about this:


Great Customer Support Services: Sierra Trading Post has a team of customer care representatives who are available by live chat, email, phone, mail, and even by fax. I received an email response in less than 5 minutes and wondered if I was the only person on the queue. I don’t know if they have tens of representatives on this team but it was really quick and right to the point.

What Do Customers Say About Sierra Trading Post?

Customers seemed thrilled by the services they got from Sierra Trading Post. Most people admitted that they just love the exciting discounts and savings, along with the fast shipping, great customer support system and up to 6+ months return policy.

Are There Any Complaints?

A major disadvantage I noticed with this store is lack of product description. While most people already know that they want clothes, shoes, or outdoor gear and can see the images of these products on the site, I think it would be better if there was some kind of description, at least for the materials used in the products and what users should expect.

What Differentiates Sierra Trading Post From Competing Sites

Sierra Trading Post has two outstanding qualities that I think doesn’t compare to similar merchants. The first is the various discounts and the savings opportunities provided to customers. They claim to have saved customers millions of dollars with these programs. The second remarkable feature is their customer support system. They have experts at the other end of any contact method customers may prefer, including mail and fax.

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