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My Rock Creek Review

I’ve heard so much about Rock Creek and decided to have a test of their products and services. Guess what? After that I’m convinced that Rock Creek is one of the best outdoor retail stores.

Rock Creek is an award winning outdoor gear and accessories retail store with headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It was founded in 1987 with an enticing business practice that opened the door for their wide acceptance from the world. It is dedicated to the provision of the finest in outdoor gear products and accessories, sourced directly from the top brands like Marmot, Patagonia, ArcTeryx, The North Face, Five Ten and many others. This way, they do not only ensure that customers are comfortable and safe while enjoying the great outdoor experience but makes sure that anybody can afford a great outdoor recreation. They also issue coupons and other customer money-saving opportunities in order to give customers the best equipments in the best price possible.

Rock Creek is therefore a retail store that constantly refined to serve its purpose. Rock/Creek’s marketing Director, Mark McKnight, explains this:


How to Shop At

Rock Creek does not only feature the best outdoor gears and products for a great family camping, adventurous rock climbing, hiking and virtually any other outdoor activity that may ever cross your mind, they also provide customers with clothing and protective accessories. These products are carefully arranged in an easy-to-find manner on their site with special sections like Men’s accessories, Women’s accessories, Kids, and other product items like jackets, shoes, backpacks and gifts.

You can also shop according to the event you want to partake in like running, climbing, camping, etc. Each special event section will provide you with all you need to effectively and safely carry out that outdoor activity. If you want specific items or you are just shopping on recommendations, you can also use the search box or go through the Brand section to get immediate access to any gear or accessory of your choice. This way, you won’t get bored browsing through products before getting to what you want.

Adding items to the shopping cart is easy. While I thought that nothing happened, it was updated at the right column on the page. Rock Creek offers free shipping for orders above $49 and just before the checkout process, you will be notified whether you did qualify for free shipping or not.

my review on rock

Key Features of RockCreek

While there are several other retail stores that sell outdoor gear and accessories, Rock Creek has a deep history with a reputable name in the industry. And I will continue to use them, for the following reasons.

  • Wide Product Selection: I don’t know about you but I personally hate to buy one item from one store and the other from another store. I prefer it when I can find everything I need from one place and that is what Rock Creek does. Plus it offers free shipping and discount coupons.
  • Great Site Layout and Product Presentation: Rock Creek has a solid layout with few links on the homepage which helps to point customers to the right direction. The Shop link from this page will bring you straight to the page where you can select products by activity, gender, brand, etc. There is also the Outlet link which presents refined products in various sections including gender, brand, budget and many other categories.
  • Great Customer Care Representatives: Personally, I am grateful for their live chat customer care representatives. The lady was on chat with me for more than 30 minutes, helping me to select the necessary items for a family camping.

What Customers Are Saying?

The customer reviews I came across held remarkable thumb-ups for Rock Creek. Some expressed happiness over the attentive help they got from the customer care representatives, some were happy for the incredible bargains while others commented on the simplified shopping process with easy access to products. Above all, it seemed that the decades of experience Rock Creek have in this industry manifested not only in the provision of exceptional quality products at closeout prices but also towards the provision of improved customer shopping experience.

Are There Any Complaints about Rock Creek

I think that the products are listed with minimal product description. It might have been better if customers can see the product descriptions without clicking the compare button. This will also help to speed up the shopping process.

What makes Rock Creek Different from Other Merchants?

If you want an all-in-one solution to outdoor gear and clothing, I think that Rock Creek has all it takes to have a fulfilling outdoor recreation. Despite the huge inventory and simplified shopping features integrated on their online retail store, customers are really thrilled by their shipping policy and exceptional supply of coupons all year round. This makes them a very budget-friendly solution. Hear Mark McKnight as he explains one of the core values behind Rock Creek; the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance:

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