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My Moosejaw Review

Love the outdoors? Who doesn’t, in fact I am an outdoor geek. The fun and overall liveliness of the outdoor life excites me. If you have taken a shot at any outdoor activity, I bet you may have noticed that among the challenges of having a successful outdoor recreation experience, is proper preparation. This depends greatly on making the right choices while choosing an outdoor gear merchant for your gear supplies. I have personally used many merchant sites in the previous years and out of experience, have selected a couple of them which are now my best take. Among these is

Moosejaw was founded in 1992 and carries a huge selection of outdoor apparel and gear designed specifically for virtually all activities, including snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking and camping. I love mountaineering, and have found really durable and quality accessories from this site including also apparels for weekday early morning hiking.

There is one unique feature with Moosejaw, their marketing strategy. Heard of the “Moosejaw Madness” before? This is a unique customer approach adopted by this company which give the outdoor lovers other special treatments to their personal lives. By this approach, skateboarders, surfers, snowboarders, and virtually any outdoor enthusiast can get access to dating advice through the Dating Girl, enjoy free music entertainment, plus many other benefits.

With their first store in Keego Harbor, Michigan, Moosejaw has been featured in several news lines with some awards. It was named a Top 50 retailer by Internet Retailer in 2007 and by Bizrate in 2006. It has also been featured in the Top 500 by Internet Retailer and named the Best of the Web by Forbes magazine, recognized by the New York Times, Outside magazine, Chain Store Age Magazine and featured in the CBS Evening News. However, this recommendable story line and reputation wasn’t the main reason I decided to include Moosejaw on my list of the best outdoor gear on-line retail stores, but their customer-related qualities which, I suppose, is what every outdoor lover out there is looking for.

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How To Shop at

Being the leading retailer of outdoor gear and accessories in Michigan and beyond, Moosejaw has retail outlets throughout northeastern Michigan, including some in Chicago and Illinois, through all of which they ensure that customers get their orders in the least possible time and specifically to maintain their Free Shipping Offers.

They feature products from the name brands including The North Face, Roxy, Patagonia, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Big Agnes, Arc’teryx and many others. If you prefer using a specific brand or perhaps like to combine brands while shopping, then you will have access to the latest styles, colors and designs of your favorite brand at surprising deals. Additionally, their Free Shipping will get you smiling once your order is above $49, plus several other customer loyalty rewards that I have seen many people take advantage of. is a site easy to navigate and has an organized product display approach which allows users to find the best fashion, gear or other equipments without skimming through other unrelated categories. Customers can also shop by brand or take a peep at the newest items.

Right on their homepage, you can get access to the Current Promotions section. There is also a Price Match offer. I have personally benefited from this with the help of a friend who happened to discover a really interesting deal on another site. It wasn’t up to 24hours I placed an order for that exact item on Moosejaw so I requested for price match through an email and it was honored.

Key Features Of Moosejaw

  • Huge Gear and Apparel Selection: Moosejaw is one of the sites that can completely equip an outdoor enthusiast with all the necessary for any outdoor event from safety gear and camping equipments to exceptional accesories and most importantly outdoor clothes. It is also the number one stop-store for the U.S Military and U.S Military Personnel.
  • Customer Saving Opportunities: On Moosejaw, customers are provided access to the entire customer saving-opportunities, including their current promotions. Here, you will get access to different discount deals and other beneficial offers.
  • Free Shipping and Price Match: If your order is above $49, you will automatically get a Free Shipping from Moosejaw. They also provide a nice price match offer which ensures that you are getting your equipment at the least possible prices. In any case, if you find a lower price somewhere, just go for the price match and you will get about $100 worth of points on your account on the site.
  • Reliable Reputation: Moosejaw has gathered a huge customer base owing to their excellent customer services and dependable business practices which is not only praised by customers but also confirmed by other trusted agencies.

Are There Any Complaints about Moosejaw

Though I haven’t had this particular experience myself, but from the research I’ve done, few customers had to contact the customer service to confirm things like shipping and whether the items ordered are still in stock. They also complained they couldn’t redeem a gift card from the merchant.

What Differentiates Moosejaw From Competing Sites?

There are some qualities and key-features that are hard to find to other outdoor gear merchant sites, like the huge selection and the perfect customer service. Most of all though are the coupon codes, price match, discounts and free shipping opportunities. In fact, only a bunch of sites can afford to give these kind of offers. Luckily enough, Moosejaw has give and continue to provide these offers for existing and new customers.

What Do Customers Say?

Moosejaw features a well knowledgeable customer service team which I found to be very popular among customers for their expertise and their instant assistance, basically provided through the on-line chat.
Customers also praise their huge product selection and the exceptional discount offers which allowed them to get more while paying less.
Their various customer rewards and price match was also commended, including their free shipping offers.
Despite complaints from few customers who had problems with their free gift cards and those that experienced out-of-stock issues, Moosejaw has no other limiting factor and I think it should be on your agenda.

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